Our Technology: The Future of X-ray


Based on field emission mechanism, CNT cathodes generate electrons at room temperature without heating. CNT cold-cathode X-ray sources are much faster in response time, more compact in size, and lower in power consumption.


Multiple CNT cathodes arranged at small pitch in a compact package.  X-ray beams are produced via sequential activation of the distributed focal spot array. 3D imaging can be achieved without the need for a rotating or moving gantry.


Multiple views with no motion blur.  The ability to capture 3D image data without motion of the source allows for greater flexibility in system design, and at the same time reduces the mechanical complexity and size of the machine.


Medical Imaging

Dentistry / Orthopedics / Mammography / Angiography / Veterinary

NCX provides diagnostic quality 3D images without mechanical movement. With the inclusion of several stationary X-ray sources, the projection views for digital tomography can be acquired in a shorter time than with motion-based systems. These short scan times are ideal for imaging of the heart, lungs, or otherwise involuntarily moving organs. Furthermore, the gantry-free design and precision gating of the X-ray exposures results in ultimately lower cost and radiation dose to the patient.

Security Imaging

Checkpoint / Backscatter / Luggage Inspection / Cargo Screening

NCX creates unique solutions for security inspection in a small footprint. Digitally controlled multi-view technology provides 3D tomographic image data of personal luggage and packages with high throughput and low false alarm rates. The compact and customizable nature of the multi-beam X-ray source allows for a modular system design which can meet the requirements for inspection of anything from small parcels to shipping containers.  X-rays generated by CNT cathodes are useful for transmission imaging as well as backscatter for applications involving large objects. Regardless of the specific application, all NCX systems use a static design with no moving sources or detectors. The result is a simpler machine with inherently lower maintenance and operating costs.


Threat Detection / IED / Equipment Maintenance / Automotive & Aerospace

NCX creates lightweight 3D imaging systems specialized for detecting internal defects in military-grade equipment without need for disassembly. Inspection of bombs, missiles, and other ammunition before deployment is a necessity. High resolution 3D laminography of sealed aircraft wings can detect microfractures and can prevent failures before they become critical. Helicopter blades and rotors need routine inspection for rust. NCX customizes multi-view 3D imaging systems for these applications and more.


Food & Agriculture / Construction & Infrastructure / Automotive & Aerospace

In-line inspection of sealed food and other consumer products is an important step towards preventing defective or unsafe goods from ever leaving the factory.  Stationary multi-view systems with CNT sources can provide comparable measure of quality control without the cost and footprint of a conventional CT scanner.  Limited-angle tomography can also be used to inspect large, flat objects such as airplane wings, sheet materials, and steel substructures that do not fit within the bore of CT scanners.

About Us

NCX is a US-based company located in North Carolina that produces next-generation X-ray sources and systems with superior imaging resolution and stationary 3D capability. The ultra-fast switching capability and gantry-free design of our X-ray source allow the drastic reduction of motion blur and device size.

Our Team

A serial entrepreneur, Mustafa has been instrumental in the startup and leadership of a variety of businesses related to software development, specialty materials, electronic medical records and medical devices. In these roles, Mustafa has been responsible for raising in excess of $45M. He also has significant international experience negotiating import/export. Mr. Mustafa graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Economics.

Dr. Qian, one of the original inventors of CNT X ray technology. Expert in CNT synthesis, purification,functionalization, characterization and applications. Dr. Qian received his PhD From Duke University in Chemistry with a focus on nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Dr. Zhang, one of the original inventors of CNT X ray technology. Leading inventor for the first multi beam CNT X ray tube. Recognized expert in CNT X Ray with invited talks to TSA and multiple medical societies. Dr. Zhang received his PhD from the University of North Carolina in Applied Physics.

Broad senior level corporate and entrepreneurial experience in Finance, Product Development, Sales,Marketing and Licensing. Experience includes pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical equipment.Mr. Wise has an Engineering degree from Georgia Tech along with an MBA from the University of Virginia.

As a 2 star General, Grange was Deputy Commander of US Army Special Operations Command and Counter Terrorist Unit. Since retirement, General Grange has been a national security consultant with multiple corporations. He also was CEO for both Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. (PPD) and the McCormick Foundation. General Grange is focused on connecting NCX with the military, other government agencies and large security focused corporations.