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True Digital X-ray Enabled by Nanotechnology

NCX produces next-generation X-ray sources and systems with superior imaging resolution and stationary 3D capability which cannot be achieved with traditional X-ray products. The nanomaterial-enabled X-ray technology allows the X-ray radiation to be generated from an array of miniature X-ray sources which can be arranged in an arbitrary form. It enables 3D imaging capability while eliminating any need for a moving gantry. Each of the individual miniature X-ray sources can be electronically triggered to produce short X-ray pulses with pre-programmed waveforms at extremely high repetition rates. The ultra-fast switching capability and gantry-free design of our X-ray source allow the drastic reduction of motion blur. It also reduces the device size and simplifies the system design, which makes it suitable for a variety of portable X-ray imaging applications.

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CNT Cold-Cathode
X-Ray Technology

Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) possess excellent field emission properties. The CNT cathodes fabricated at NCX Corporation produce free electrons in vacuum which are then used for standard Bremsstrahlung X-ray production. The advantage is that the CNT cathode can be gated (turned on and off) with micro-second precision at room temperature. The CNT pattern can also be easily customized to meet the spatial demands of any application.

Multi-Beam X-Ray (MBX) Sources

A typical multi-beam X-ray source made by NCX consists of multiple CNT cathodes arranged at small pitch. Paired with in-house developed driving electronics, the emission from each beam is easily software-controlled. The resulting linear array of individually addressable focal spots can provide the views necessary for 3D imaging with no motion of the source.

Static 3D X-ray Imaging

Multi-beam X-ray source technology has the potential to improve and enhance the functionality of X-ray imaging in a variety of scenarios. 3D imaging systems with multiple focal spots combined with state-of-the-art reconstruction provide more information than single-beam 2D radiography systems. The ability to capture 3D image data without motion of the source allows for greater flexibility in system design, and at the same time reduces the mechanical complexity and size of the machine.

Control Electronics

Using the latest in Silicon Carbide (SiC) technologies, NCX’s Multi-Beam Control Unit (MBCU) provides precise current control for up to thousands of CNT cathode emitters. Details of every emission current pulse are digitally recorded to ensure consistency, quality, and long lifespan. Units are easily scaled in multiple of 8 outputs.  Any unit can be the timing synchronization source or sink with sub-microsecond accuracy.


The technical founders of NCX were among the original inventors who first developed the carbon nanotube (CNT) based X-ray source technology back in the early 2000’s. Today CNT X-ray sources have been regarded by many as the next-generation X-ray source for a variety of applications: medical, security, and industrial NDT.

First CNT-Based Micro-CT Scanner

A nanotube-based field emission x-ray source for microcomputed tomography.

First CNT Multibeam
X-Ray Source

Stationary scanning x-ray source based on carbon nanotube field emitters.

Fabrication of CNTs as Electron Field Emitters

Fabrication of small diameter few-walled carbon nanotubes with enhanced field emission property.

If you have any questions regarding CNT X-ray technology, please contact us at info@ncxtec.com